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Burnstorming Highlights

An overview of recent Burnstorm productions:

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EU Cluster Collaboration Platform, regular video podcasts, online moderator

EPP Group regular podcasts on EU issues, European Parliament, moderator

Forum Europa talk with EU Commission VP Margaritis Schinas, Brussels, May 2024, moderator


European Cluster Conference, EU DG Grow, May 2024, moderator


Forum Europa talk with European Investment Bank President Nadia Calviño, May 2024, moderator


Sustainable Public Procurement, Norway House, Brussels, Apr 2024, moderator


Forum Europa talk with EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borell, Brussels, Apr 2024, moderator


IAEA Nuclear Energy Summit, Brussels, Mar 2024, moderator


European Chemical Agency ECHA annual conference, Helsinki, Feb 2024, moderator


Forum Europa talk with European Parliament President Roberta Metsola, Feb 2024, moderator


Right to Disconnect, S&D debate, European Parliament, Jan 2024, moderator


CNUE – EU Council of the Notariats 30th Anniv, Brussels, Dec 2023, moderator

Euronews Debate: Bridging the Digital Divide for SMEs, Paris Expo, Nov 2023, moderator

Euronews SciTech show on Huawei Connect, Paris Expo, Nov 2023, reporter

ESBG Retail Banking Conference, Brussels, Nov 2023

European Business Summit, Brussels, Nov 2023, moderator

EU Clean Air Forum, Rotterdam, Nov 2023, moderator

EU Blue Deal, European Economic and Social Committee, Oct 2023, moderator

EIB - ELENA Contractors meeting, Brussels, Oct 2023, moderator

EU Our Baltic Conference, Palanga, Lithuania, Sept 2023, moderator

FAO Sustainable Livestock Transformation, Rome, Sept 2023, moderator

State of the Social Union, European Parliament, Sept 2023, moderator

EU Cross-border recognition of parenthood, European Parliament, July 2023, moderator

Future of the Cosmetics Industry, Committee of the Regions, July 2023, moderator

Animal welfare debate, European Parliament Voxbox, June 2023, moderator

ESA Space2Connect 2023, Matera, Italy, June 2023, moderator


Fighting Violence Against Women, European Parliament, Strasbourg, May 2023, video podcast, host


EU Healthcare, European Parliament, Strasbourg, Apr 2023, video podcast, host


EU Defense Procurement, European Parliament, Strasbourg, Apr 2023, video podcast, host

EU Trade, European Parliament, Strasbourg, Apr 2023, video podcast, host

EU ERA Roadmap for Circular Tech, DG RTD Brussels, Mar 2023, moderator


EU ECCP Cluster Collaboration Talk Podcast, C2 Lab, Mar 2023, moderator


EPP Group Podcast in European Parliament, EU-Russia-Brexit, Mar 2023, moderator

EU S3 Smart Specialization Strategies, DG REGIO, Brussels, Mar 2023, moderator

EPP Group Podcast in European Parliament, EU Defence, Mar 2023, moderator

EPP Group Podcast in European Parliament, Microchips, Mar 2023, moderator

House of European History, Re-presenting European History, Brussels, Feb 2023, moderator

CDP Awards for Eco Sustainability, Fondation LVMH, Paris, Feb 2023 co-host

EU ECCP Cluster Collaboration Talk Podcast, Mobility, Feb 2023, moderator


EPP Group Podcast in European Parliament, EU Gas supplies, Feb 2023, moderator

EU ECCP Cluster Collaboration Talk Podcast, Defence, Jan 2023, moderator


EPP Group Podcast in European Parliament, Swedish Presidency, Jan 2023, moderator


Euronews magazine shows on Angola, throughout 2022, scripting, voicing


EU Cluster Collaboration Platform Podcasts, throughout 2022, moderator


European Parliament podcasts on various issues, throughout 2022, moderator


New Genomic Techniques, European Parliament, Dec 2022, moderator


EU Education Summit, Dec 2022, moderator


European Business Summit, Nov 2022, moderator


Euronews-Healthcare debate, European Parliament, Nov 2022, moderator


Critical Raw Materials, Nov 2022, moderator


SHD Heart Disease, European Parliament, Nov 2022, moderator


Due Diligence on Environment, Human Rights, European Parliament, Oct 2022, moderator


EU Research and Innovation Days, Sept 2022, moderator


EU Languages Day, Sept 2022, moderator


Hemophilia-LFB, Paris, Sept 2022, moderator


Envisioning Europe, House of European History, July 2022, moderator


Euronews magazine shows on Hong Kong, July 2022, scripting, voicing


EU Civil Protection, June 2022, moderator


European Development Days, June 2022, moderator


EU Oceans conference, Marseille, June 2022, moderator


EU SLAPP-Strategic Lawsuits Against Journalists, June 2022, moderator


Cannes Film Festival, May 2022, Euronews TV reporter


Europe Day, House of European History, May 2022, moderator


EU Syria conference, May 2022, moderator


New European Bauhaus, European Parliament, May 2022, moderator


Sante Publique-Health and Climate Change, Paris, April 2022, moderator


EU Cooperation Days, March 2022, moderator


EU Euraxess research conference, Nantes, March 2022, moderator


EU Humanitarian Aid conference, March 2022, moderator


EU Regions Summit, Marseille, March 2022, moderator


WWI, House of European History, Feb 2022, moderator


EU Space Conference, Jan 2022, moderator


EU European Education Summit, Dec 2021, moderator

Platform Economy debate, PubAffairs, Brussels, Dec 2021, moderator

Clean Air Forum, Madrid, Nov 2021, host

European Defence and Security Conference, Brussels, Nov 2021, moderator


EU Open Data Days – EU Dataviz - Circular Economy, Brussels, Nov 2021, studio moderator


EIT Innoenergy Business Booster 2021, Berlin, Nov 2021, host


CNN coverage of catastrophic floods in Belgium, Aug 2021, reporter

EU Counter-terrorism conference, July 2021, moderator

AEIP-Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership conference, June 2021, moderator


EU European Development Days, panels on transboundary watersheds, June 2021, moderator


EU Green Week, panels on plastics, air, chemicals, June 2021, moderator


GIRP Eur Healthcare Distribution Assn – Value Chain Forum, May 2021


EU Justice-CERV Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values conference, May 2021, moderator


EBS European Business Summit-Think Digital, May 2021, moderator

EU Social Summit conference, S&D Group, Porto, May 2021, moderator 


EU Social Summit studio webcasts, S&D Group, European Parliament, April-May 2021, moderator 


EU-UK Trade-Brexit, EPP Group studio webcast, European Parliament, April 2021, moderator 


EU-China relations, EPP Group studio webcast, European Parliament, April 2021, moderator 


EU-Media Freedom, EPP Group studio webcast, European Parliament, March 2021, moderator 


Energy Summit, March 2021, online studio moderator


AFD Agence Française de Développement conf, March 2021, online, moderator


ESMA finance regulator conf, Paris, March 2021, onstage/online, moderator


EU ENDORSE data conf, March 2021, online, moderator


Women's Day conf, European Parliament, March 2021, in studio/online, moderator


CDP Awards (Carbon Disclosure Project), March 2021, in studio/online on Euronews, moderator

EU-Disinformation, EPP webcast, European Parliament, March 2021, moderator 


EU Non-Animal Testing conf, Feb 2021, in studio/online, moderator


Genome Editing, European Parliament, Jan 2021, in studio/online, moderator


EU Water and Beyond conf, Jan 2021, onstage/online, moderator


European Space Conf, Jan 2021, onstage/online, moderator




EU Civil Protection conf, Dec 2020, onstage/online, moderator


European Business Summit on Health, Dec 2020, in-studio/online, moderator


EU Endocrine Disruptors conf, Dec 2020, onstage/online, moderator


EU-Japan Trade conference, Nov 2020, online, moderator


European Business Summit, Nov 2020, in studio/online, moderator


TBB.Connect InnoEnergy conference, Madrid, Nov 2020, onstage/online, moderator

EU Green Week stage/online conference and press briefings, Brussels, Oct 2020, moderator

EU Farm to Fork stage/online conference, Oct 2020, moderator

Decarbonisation debate online, Brussels, Oct 2020, moderator

EU Our Baltic studio/online conference, Belgium, Sept 2020, moderator


EU Research and Innovation Days, stage/online conference, Brussels, Sept 2020, moderator


Euronews Global Japan shows, July-August 2020


EU CASP Consumer Product Safety conference, Brussels, July 2020, moderator, hybrid online/actual event

Euronews Spotlight Hong Kong shows, June-July 2020

EU Consumer Summit 2020, Brussels, January 2020, workshops moderator


2nd EU Clean Air Forum 2019, Bratislava, Slovakia, Nov 2019, moderator


EUFOREA European Forum 2019 on respiratory diseases, Sitges, Spain, Nov 2019, moderator


Inovyn Awards for sustainable innovation in the PVC industry, Duesseldorf, Oct 2019, host


World Food Day FAO, WHO, EU on Healthy Diets in a sustainable, ZeroHunger World, Brussels, Oct 2019, moderator


Avenir de la politique de la sécurité et la défense de l’UE, Bruxelles, oct 2019, modérateur

EU Trade for Her conference on women and FTAs, Sept 2019, moderator


YEPP debate - Youth European Peoples Party debates Mercosur trade pact, Valencia, Sept 2019, moderator


FAO conference: Strategy fo  Geographical Indications in Africa, Rome, June 2019, moderator

EU-FAO-ILO Conference on Ending Child Labour, June 2019, moderator

Cannes Filmfest, May 2019, reports and lives for Euronews

European Business Summit, May 2019, moderator


Euronews features on Angola, April 2019, reporter

ETAF tax federation conf, Brussels, Mar 2019, moderator


Euronews feature on Colombia, Mar 2019, reporter


GFSI food safety conf, Nice, Feb 2019, moderator, video production


GS1 Global Forum TV, Brussels, Feb 2019, reporter, video production


Euronews features on Bhutan and Angola, Feb 2019, reporter

EU-Canada Trade conf, Brussels, Jan 2019, moderator


Euronews feature on Angola, Jan 2019, reporter



Euronews feature on Hong Kong, Dec 2018, reporter

ITUC trade unions conference debates, Copenhagen, Dec 2018, moderator

Eurocommerce 25th anniversary, Brussels, Nov 2018, moderator


FAO conference on Family Farming, Rome, Nov 2018, moderator


EPP Congress panel on civil society, Helsinki, Nov 2018, moderator


Euronews-Go Europe show on Malta, reporter & host, Oct 2018


FAO Conference on Sheep and Goat Plague, Brussels, Sep 2018, moderator


Euronews-Global Japan in Nepal, reporter & host, Sept 2018

Global Japan, 3 episodes, Euronews, reporter & host, July-August 2018

Spotlight on Hong Kong, 2 episodes, Euronews, reporter & host, June 2018

EU-ADR Consumer conf, Brussels, June 2018, moderator

EEAS Climate, Security and Peace conference, Brussels, June 2018, moderator

European Dev Days, Women and Girls in Digitalisation, Brussels, June 2018, moderator

EU Railway Workshop, Brussels, May 2018, moderator

Cannes Filmfest coverage, Euronews, reporter, May 2018


European Business Summit, Brussels, May 2018, moderator


Euronews Spotlight on Poland, 5 episodes, Feb-April 2018 - reporter & host

Sanofi Global Leadership Forum, Paris, 20-22 March - moderated with 8 cities connected worldwide

GS1 Global Forum 2018, Brussels, 26 Feb-1 March - hosted daily video highlights

"Conflict, Hunger and Security'' panel at Munich Security Conference, Feb 2018 - moderator

CNN Berlin temp reporter, Dec 2017-Jan 2018

EPSU trade union conference on child care, Brussels, Dec 2017 - videoproduction


ETAF Tax Federation conference, Brussels, Dec 2017 - moderator 


Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Awards and debates, Brussels, Nov 2017 – moderator, video production, media outreach 

Clean Air Forum (European Commission), Paris, Nov 2017 – moderator 

Future of Europe debate (European Federalists), Paris, Oct 2017 - moderator 


Eurogroup for Animals, European Parliament conference, Oct 2017 – moderator 


Regiostars awards (European Commission), Brussels, Oct 2017 – moderator, scripting 


Kazenergy, Astana, Kazakhstan, Sep 2017 - moderator 


Solar Impulse film screening and discussion, Brussels, Sep 2017 – moderator, videoproduction 


Monaco Yacht Show, Sept 2017 - videoproduction 


Accor management meeting, Amsterdam, June 2017 – moderator, scripting 


Imerys management meeting, Barcelona, June 2017 – moderator 

European Development Days, Brussels, Jun 2017 - Moderator 


European Business Summit, Brussels, May 2017 - Moderator


Terror attack in Dortmund, Turkish referendum coverage in Berlin, Germany, April 2017 - Reporter for CNN


CeBIT Hannover: European Commission conference ''Driving the Digital Economy & Society in Europe'', Mar 2017 - Moderator, video production, media outreach

PubAffairs debate with 3 MEPs: ''Will 2017 be a decisive year for Europe?'' - Feb 2017 - Moderator

GS1 Global Forum 2017, Brussels, Feb 2017 - Reporter for GS1 TV

EPSU union conference, Brussels, Jan 2017 - Videoproduction

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