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Chris has been a journalist for more than three decades, for Euronews, CNN, Bloomberg TV and Associated Press, reporting across the US, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. 

For Euronews, Chris has reported from Brussels, where he had a hard talk show ''The Network'' for five years - three people, 10 minutes, start a lively discussion, sometimes a fight.

He was CNN correspondent in Germany, based in Berlin, Frankfurt and the White House. Covered major German and other world events including the 2002 and 2005 national elections, the 2006 World Cup, neo-Nazis, the Kohl scandal, anniversaries of the fall of the Berlin Wall, unification and the end of World War II. Conflicts in Kosovo and Macedonia, Afghanistan and the Middle East, the 2006 crisis in Lebanon, numerous plane crashes and earthquakes, French youth protests in 2006, Balkan floods in 2006, French rioting in 2005, the London bombings of July 2005, the death of Pope John Paul II in 2005, millennium eve live in London, Slobodan Milosevic war crimes trial, mad cow disease, the deadly French heat wave of 2003, a volcanic eruption in Congo, the Berlin and Cannes film festivals. White House correspondent for Iraq war in 2003.

For Bloomberg TV in Brussels and Berlin, Chris covered daily financial and political news in Europe with self-edited packages and live shots, shooting b-roll and interviews. Coverage included summits, ministerial meetings and trade shows, the subprime crisis, the financial turmoil of 2008-9, 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall fall in 2009 including Gorbachev intvu, World Economic Forums in Davos, India and Africa, including hosting WEF panels in Berlin, India and Africa. Interviews with ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet, Mikhail Gorbachev, various European prime ministers and finance ministers. Guest-anchored Bloomberg nightly news show in New York in July 2008. Features for arts and entertainment show including Berlin and Cannes film festivals.

For AP, Chris was Paris correspondent/news editor. Covered news in France and French-speaking Africa and North Africa for AP print, radio and television, including the deaths of Francois Mitterrand and Princess Diana, a terror bombing wave in Paris, the Muslim fundamentalist insurgency in Algeria, the hijacking of an Air France jetliner by Muslim militants, French elections, strikes, wine, the French Open, and film festivals. Also covered the conflicts in Somalia and Rwanda. He was also based at the AP International Desk in New York, in Nashville, and at AP Radio in Washington, DC.

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