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Video Gallery

Burnstorm offers a wide range of video production, including packaged news clips, event highlights videos, promos, event intro clips, corporate or group presentation videos and interview clips. We have access to a network of video photographers and editors across Europe and beyond.

Burnstorm video production:

(Some videos are unlisted, only viewable on private file for YouTube users on request.)

Chris Burns on Euronews:


Chris Burns on CNN:

Chris Burns on Bloomberg TV


Chris Burns on EPP TV:



EU Digital Single Market conference at CeBIT 2017


Euronews European Commission Presidential Debate, April 2014

Climate Change at World Economic Forum, Cape Town, South Africa, Jun 2009


News Package Archive:

Carrefour Belgium restructuring, 2010


Opel-Antwerp shutdown reax, 2010


Facebook privacy controversy, 2010


EU Foreign Ministers debate Iran sanctions, 2010


Debate over airline cancellation compensation, 2010


Cannes 2009

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